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Artwork I did for Curious’ latest project, in collaboration with La Famille. The other boards were done by the multitalented Olivier Charland and the funky Maxime Francout.

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And having fun.

Unititled 2

Two new illustrations, as part of the new Illustration Guide by Colagene that was launched yesterday in Montréal at the Galerie Yves Laroche. Thanks to everyone who came by, la soirée a été belle.

Simona the siamese cat

Sometimes I get bored of drawing the same old things.

À la hâte

In between 2 jobs, sometimes I change my mind by drawing things. That’s the only way I can be productive.

Capture décran 2010-02-10 à 20.40.04

Quelques boards pour un client.


J’avais ceci qui traînait depuis un moment, j’ai décidé de le mettre en couleurs.

Le Drawing Happening.

Un portrait de Béatrice Martin.

Cœur de Pirate

I think I’ve never been this productive. I hope it doesn’t fade off.

Le nouveau noir & blanc